Search by Date

Before doing a 'Search by Date' check the following table to know the date coverage of the newspaper you would like to search.

Newspaper Date
Annahar from August 4, 1933 to present
Assafir from March 26, 1974 to present
Al-hayat from October 1988 to December 31, 2000
L'Orient Le Jour from June 15, 1971 to December 31, 2004
Le Jour from May 5, 1965 to May 31, 1971
L'Orient from 1925 to April 31, 1971


Select a newspaper from the drop down menu of the first table. DISPLAY 1


Select a specific date that you would like to search. A list of the available pages related to the date you have chosen will be displayed. The scanned pages are viewed using a Java Applet viewer (no plug- in required) DISPLAY 2 and DISPLAY 3.




The following options are available in the toolbar of the applet.

The page's layout maybe enlarged, minimized or rotated.
You may select a part of the article from the page and it will automatically be displayed in full screen.
You may save or print the articles.